Rage Against My Indifference - Official Video

Looking for inspiration? The Rage Against My Indifference music video might be just what you need! This fun, fast-paced frolick will have you up and off the couch in no-time, dancing, singing along, and making an impact on your dream or goal. If 2014 is the year to passionately pursue some kind of life-change, this song will be a fantastic companion as a part of the soundtrack.

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As with Fritz's first video, Hosanna, Hosanna,, Rage was produced by the über-talented Barry Keller of Didasko Films. Go check him out and give 'em some love!

Sunlight Breaking Through the Trees EP!

Fritz's first EP, Sunlight Breaking Through the Trees, is available in digital and physical formats through our online storeiTunesAmazon, local NRV retailers, Radford University Bookstore, Lucie Monroe's Coffee Shop, and Barry's Music. Of course, the funnest ways to get your very own copy are by coming to one of his shows or saying howdy when you see him out and about. He keeps the glove box of his van well-stocked with CDs and free stickers.

You can use the hashtag #ragechange to talk it up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and wherever else hashtags are hashed.

Download the first single for free! 

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Hosanna, Hosanna - Out Now!

Check out Fritz's first music video from the new album, Hosanna, Hosanna!